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Clean open minded females wanted

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I'm clean, clean cut and normal.

Age: 46
Relationship Status: Not married
Seeking: Looking Man
City: Chicago, IL
Hair: Bright red
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Your letter was sent to Nellie. Considerate and open-minded roommate wanted!

Moving in: The room is rented out Find other rooms. All information about the room. Moving in:.

Insertion date. The room for rent is a cozy 11 first date flowers advice, well proportioned and bright room, at kr. I will be honest from the start and let you know that I'm on the waiting list for smaller apartments, so technically I can get an offer next month, or more realistic it can take months clean open minded females wanted years, before I'm offered another place.

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It's just to let everyone know clean open minded females wanted the beginning, that it is a so Either way, you will of course be notified asap, if I get an offer - and at least a month in advance.

About me: I'm 25, from Copenhagen and currently working as a film-teacher and director at Outsideren - a non-profit organisation fighting for rights and awareness about mental illness.

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I'm a smoker though I'm trying to quit and I don't have a strict smoking policy, but I air out a lot, so it's not like moving into a bodega ; Of course you can have your own room smoke-free, if clean open minded females wanted. It's not a requirement but it sure would be wonderful: About you: You're naturally open-minded and considerate towards people around you.

You like living with other people and you know that all people are different and sometimes you will have to make small compromises or deal with your roommates' "annoying habits" to make living together work: You're relatively social and genuinely want to get to know the people you live with - yet you can also respect a closed door and need for privacy. Of course I will do the same ; You have a responsible yet relaxed attitude about cleaning - meaning that you're cool with a bit of mess sometimes, or leaving the dishes for a couple of days, but you also care about making the place look nice and older lady having sex can keep track of cleaning one clean open minded females wanted the common areas kitchen, bathroom or living room once or twice a week.

Living without strict house rules requires some reliability and respect for the other roommates, so the mess doesn't take sarasota fl singles completely: Sometimes there will be small necessary extra expenses, like a light bulb breaks, we need a new cable for the washing machine or the garden fence falls down in a storm, and clean open minded females wanted just so much easier if everyone contributes to make this a nice place to live: We have a washing machine plus clean open minded females wanted to a storage room in the basement and a laundromat for the building The room for rent is a cozy 11 m2, well proportioned and bright room, at kr.

You can legally register this as your adress and register with CPR: The rent includes heat, water, internet and tv though we don't own onebut NOT electricity which is around kr.

Pets allowed.

Washing machine. Cable tv. Roommate criteria.

Domestic animals:. Party habits:.